Sunday, November 11, 2007

Facing The Tough Stuff

I have been struggling lately with a personal crisis. My lovely daughter has told me she does not want me to be her carer anymore and wants the small amount of money involved to go to her 15 year old daughter instead. Furthermore she says that I have been mishandling her money and it is not given to me to help me out financially. This is a government handout of $45 per week. Alysia says that I have not been spending it on projects approved by her. She has also accused me of "lording it over her", because I bought her a membership to the Royal Agricultural Show. Apparently I did not allow her the pleasure of paying for it herself.

The sad part is that I think she is suffering from the effects of large amounts of Ketamine and methadone, both prescribed for her by her doctors. My youngest daughter has bi-polar disorder and I think Alysia may be heading down that track. I miss her terribly, but she will not see me, nor will I beg.

Sadly I now have to deal with my new reality and find some way of filling the void.

Life sucks sometimes.

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Robert said...

Hi Jocelyn,

I'm very sorry to hear of this. This is a very sad thing and I share in your suffering as a buddhist friend who believes in compassion for all beings. I am also hoping for the best for your daughter as my path is to care for all beings. My best Wishes to you.