Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Beginning and a New Year

Well it has certainly been a while since I last posted anything here. The seasons have moved on and the weather is warm again. My problems with my daughter have improved slightly, but I don't think they can ever return to what we had before.

However it is time to look forward and not back. This year holds so much promise for us all. One thing I will have to address is my very negative outlook on life. This leads to long periods of depression and it is not good for me, or anyone around me.

My goals for this year is to be happy and have a positive approach to life. To stop feeling that the world is spiralling out of control and to concentrate of the good things. Considering the state of the planet, the regional crisis, the looming threats of terrorism, I often wonder why our youth is so happy and able to cope.

When I was young we gave little thought to such things and we assumed that the world would continue to nurture and shelter us. There were not as many consumer goods to buy and we were content with what we had. My frinds and I did nor live to shop and we wore the same clothes year after year. Our biggest fears were the "bomb" and getting pregnant. The former I could do nothing about and the latter kept me from experimenting sexually, which in hindsight was not a good thing after all. Now my daughter just expects her children to be sexually active. I am so glad I am sixty something and not sixteen.

My eating goals are much the same this year. I want to eat the nutrient dense foods that I adore. I saw a quote on a website today that I approve of. It said "not to waste calories on foods you dislike". Now I agree with that to a point. If that means that we should just eat chocolate and cream doughnuts because we like them, well then I do not agree. However if on the other hand it means that we should choose our favourites from the healthy, nutrient dense foods, well then I am all for it.

I need to get over an ear problem that is causing me some pain right now. However I think it may be caused in part by too much time spent on a computer. Heck this is one thing I have embraced wholeheartedly. I just love my computer, my mp3 player and all the other stuff that the 00's bought along. Now I wonder what electronic marvels await us around the bend. Dick Tracey eat your heart out.


Helen said...

Hi Jocelyn,I enjoy reading your blog and i identify a lot with what you you have been going through. I am glad things are starting to pick up for you.Yep,i am full of New Year resolutions too...thinking positive,trying be 100 % raw...well i have my green smoothies everyday and lots of fresh fruit and salad but sometimes i decline as the days wears on...i always have very good intentions : ) I'm 61 and live not too far from the Swan River with a 'lovely old chap'...my 16 year old cat Harley.I'm trying to get more exercise and hope to take up some new hobbies this year.Wishing you a great 2008!

Blue said...

Hi Joyce,

I think you're a doll! I've been here reading as time permits. I'm mid 50's and live in WA State, USA

A very good friend of mine does the ETL diet, Nutrient Dense foods...

I just started a blog, it's like a week old. It's a nice way to keep my stuff in one spot.

I'm glad you have decided to embrace your computer!